Schuler Connect – Troubleshooting no matter where you are

Solve problems faster with service support by app, smart glasses, or tablet.

Stay in the know at all times

Even minor errors and application issues can bring the operation of your press to a standstill. Travel time for a service technician can take time and incur unnecessary costs. Schuler Connect offers you the perfect solution. Press users connect with the experts at Schuler through smart devices (smart glasses, smartphones, or tablets). Our experts can then virtually view what the camera sees. System data can be exchanged in real time via images or video sequences. As a result, faults can be viewed and evaluated in less time. Once the customer gives the green light, our experts can then connect to the controller via remote access in order to solve the problem or take additional measures. This reduces the amount of machine downtime, shortens technicians’ service calls, and ultimately lowers your costs.

Schuler Connect offers an audio and video connection that meets the strictest standards: You decide what will and will not be saved.

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In order to show videos we use the services of third-party providers. These providers can collect data about your activities. Further details can be found under “Learn more”.

Service support via smartglasses or smartphone

Thanks to Schuler Connect, problems can be solved faster, machine downtimes can be shortened, thus avoiding high costs. Schuler Connect is terminal-independent. Communication can be extended to other experts. Integrated language translation for simple dialogue. See for yourself:

Choose the Schuler Connect pricing model that’s right for you

Choose the Schuler Connect pricing model that’s right for you

Schuler Connect is a module within the Hotline & Remote Service from Schuler. You can sign up for service exactly as you see fit with the prepaid offer or one of our service contracts.

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    Schuler Connect Module

    pdf, 836 KByte

  • Realware Navigator 500
    Realware Navigator 500

    “Ready to Connect” smart glasses kit

    The starter kit consists of a pair of RealWear Navigator 500 smart glasses, a spare battery, a charger, and a case. Of course, the Schuler Connect app comes preinstalled and is immediately ready for use. The kit also includes a list of the most commonly used voice commands in German and English. A personal contact is available and ready to help if you have any additional questions.

    Your benefits

    See the advantages of the Schuler Connect service module for yourself:

    • Immediate problem analysis to real-time transmission of images and video
    • Easy and intuitive operation
    • Enhanced service for hydraulic and mechanical systems and for operators
    • System-independent support, even for systems from other manufacturers
    • Quicker response time and decreased travel costs
    • System service regardless of location
    • Maximum productivity thanks to reduced downtime
    • Involvement of additional experts where necessary, e.g. from Design or Quality Assurance
    • Highest security, meeting the most rigorous data protection standards
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    Ernst Schwoshuber

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