Track and Trace – continuous part tracking

Detect defects in the part at an early stage with Schuler's Track and Trace and avoid errors before they happen

The part gets smart, the quality report seamless

What if each of your parts could tell you its entire story, starting with the coil and ending with the finished part in detail? Some would explain to you why they were not formed because they had already been sorted out as blanks because they did not meet the material specification. Others, again, would show you how they became good parts by special adjustment of the machine parameters.

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Serialization of the production

Schuler's Track and Trace links data and information to the component. The system marks each part with its own ID, which can be read out again. All important information on this ID is stored in a database. In this way, it is possible to subsequently check which coil the component came from, which parameters were present during the forming process, and which quality characteristics it has. Schuler Track and Trace has direct access to the line control and thus to a large number of parameters. 

Quality through transparency

Causes of defects can be identified as soon as possible to minimize scrap, prevent plant malfunctions and increase your productivity.

As material prices rise and qualities fluctuate, the investment in track and trace pays for itself within a very short time. In addition, you can document your production without gaps.

Design principle

Blanking Line

  • Identify the coil manufacturing data
  • Measurement equipment for recording the material characteristics
  • Laser marking of the component ID
  • Mapping of process data
  • Tracking of the load carrier


  • Camera detection of the component ID
  • Tracking of the blank
  • Mapping of process data
  • Recording of quality data
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  • Track and Trace in Smart Press Shop

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    Your advantages and functions

    Convince yourself of the advantages of Track and Trace:

    • End-to-end, plant-wide solution for the press shop from coil to finished part

    • Increase of the overall equipment effectiveness

    • Increase in part quality and reduction of scrap

    • Defects are identified fast and precisely

    • Target-oriented actions for defect prevention

    • Full connectivity to customer ERP/MES

    • Open data interfaces to customer analytics or AI solutions

    • Simple and resource-optimized integration by using existing hardware and control structure of the machines.
    • Closed control loops possible through bidirectional communication between machines and track and trace

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    Robert Vollmer

    Manager Digital Automotive Solutions

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    Sven Rösel

    Vice President of Automotive Sales

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