Track and Trace – Parts tracking from start to finish

With Track and Trace from Schuler, you can identify and eliminate defects in the parts you produce.

The parts become “smart” and quality verification is seamless

What would it be like if your system was so smart? Would It tell you how each and every part was produced? You could track and trace the production process in a given system with pinpoint accuracy, without having to compile data and information from different sources. Quality defects and their causes could be identified immediately. How would that be possible? Track and Trace from Schuler links data and information with the part itself. The system marks each part with a unique ID that can be identified again at various points in time and throughout different product stages. All important information for this ID is stored in a database, so that it is subsequently possible to trace which coil the processed part came from, what the parameters were during the forming process, and which quality characteristics the part exhibits. Schuler’s Track and Trace has direct access to the system controller, and therefore to a wide range of different parameters. This in turn helps you minimize rejects and increase your product quality.

Architecture and connectivity

(1) Identification of the coil
(2) Fully integrated laser marking of the part ID
(3) Attribution of process data to the part ID
(4) Tracking of the blank stack during stacking with identifiable pallets
(5) Identification of the part code
(6) Tracking of the blank through the press line
(7) Attribution of process data to the part ID
(8) Tracking of finished parts

Your benefits

See the advantages of Track and Trace for yourself.

Benefits and features

  • Increase in overall equipment effectiveness: Faults are identified quickly and clearly
  • Decrease in rejects and increase in parts quality thanks to start-to-finish coverage
  • Comprehensive information about material flows and costs
  • Complete, cross-system solution for the press shop, from the coil to the finished part
  • Full connectivity to customer ERP/MES
  • Data interfaces to private or public cloud
  • Simple and resource-optimized integration through utilization of system hardware and control architecture
  • Scalable and flexible infrastructure with complete connectivity and open APIs

Additional information: The system is currently offered for press and blanking lines.

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Robert Vollmer

Project Manager – Digital Solutions

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Sven Rösel

Vice President of Automotive Sales

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