Shopfloor Operations Management - Prevent downtimes, increase availability

Schuler's Shopfloor Operations Management prevents downtimes in advance


Machine faults, equipment downtimes and their causes are recorded automatically. This enables a precise calculation of all performance indicators to reveal production problems. Intelligent analysis makes it possible to prevent organizational machine downtimes before it occurs. Daily reporting by Shopfloor Management contributes to production optimization. The consequence: lower part costs and up to 30% higher equipment availability.

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User friendly MDC terminal

Machine downtimes are automatically identified with the exact error description and the time stamps within the equipment PLC (Programmable Logic Controller). External causes for equipment downtimes can be selected at a user-friendly machine data collection (MDC) terminal. A digital shift book enables individual notes on production and assignment to responsible colleagues.

Your production at a glance

The assistance system for the plant operator provides full transparency on current production, order progress and the predicted end time of the order. All relevant performance indicators are displayed, and compared with average and all-time best values. Warnings indicate the most frequent machine downtimes.

Production optimization by shopfloor management

Reporting makes it possible to assess performance in the daily Shopfloor Meeting. The key performance indicators (KPI) can be compared with past shifts and orders to implement process optimizations for the future.

By displaying the ten most frequent machine downtimes, organizational improvements opportunities are revealed. Shift book information can be addressed to the responsible persons via the ticketing system to create work instructions.

Your benefits

Convince yourself of the advantages of Shopfloor Operations Management:

  • Increasing plant availability by reducing downtimes

  • Increasing in overall equipment effectiveness (OEE)

  • Accurate production data for realistic cost calculation

  • Planning of predictive maintenance measures for cyclic machine failures

  • Highest data quality through control integration

  • Target-oriented measures for error prevention

  • Full connectivity to customer ERP/MES

  • Open data interfaces to AI solutions

  • More transparency in production through key performance indicators

  • End-to-end documentation

  • Revealing of organizational improvement potentials

  • Everything digitally at a glance - anytime, anywhere

  • Predictive Maintenance in the event of frequent machine faults

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