Everything at a glance - in the Schuler Customer Portal at MyService


MyService provides you with a digital overview of your presses, current contracts, hotline cases, spare parts in stock as well as current news and events relating to your press technology.

You no longer need to gather the information yourself but can now see everything at a glance. That saves time and greatly simplifies the task of managing your press shop. After logging in, you obtain an overview of open requests as well as the contact details for your contact person, and current news.

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Assets - All presses at a glance - view all press details online anytime and anywhere

Via a simple navigation takes you to an overview of your presses including the associated processes, protocols and contracts - regardless of manufacturer and location.

Schuler Portal at MyService
Schuler Portal at MyService

Contracts - Digital Contract Management

Say goodbye to time-consuming searches and use the digital repository of MyService. All service contracts including the current inspection protocol are also available in the customer Portal.

This let you check the status of your hotline units - no matter when and where you are currently located.

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Requests 24/7 Open service requests easily anytime and anywhere

You can also find details of previous hotline requests at MyService. They can be filtered by a variety of criteria – for example whether a case is still open or already closed, or which specific system they relate to.

Customers can open a new service request at any time – whether via a PC in their workplace, or anytime or anywhere using via any mobile devices.

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Stock - Check 24/7 the availability of your parts

You can quickly and easily check the availability of spare parts by visiting MyService. Whether a particular Schuler spare part is available in the central service warehouse can be determined easily in just a few clicks based on the relevant part number and an inquiry that part submitted right away.

Your advantages

See the advantages of the product MyService for yourself:

  • Everything at a glance online - anytime and everywhere

  • Overview of your machine data

  • Fast access to relevant contacts such as the Remote Service hotline and your direct sales contact

  • View the immediate availability of your parts

  • Send inquiries more easily

  • Enormous time saving and simplification of data management in the press shop

  • Effective electronic data management

  • Personalized login

  • Concentrate on your core business

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Ernst Schwoshuber

Head of Service Sales Germany

location_on Schuler-Platz 1, 73033 Göppingen, Germany
phone +49 7161 66-7390 mail_outline E-Mail
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Daniel Schwenk

Head of Digital Applications & Process Optimization

location_on Schuler-Platz 1, 73033 Göppingen phone +49 7161 66-586 mail_outline E-Mail
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