Drive Analytics – More productivity and higher uptime thanks to intelligent use of data

Get the most out of your system: Use the applications from Schuler to optimize your system performance.

Digitalization made easy

Planning on moving your equipment into the world of Industry 4.0? Looking to do so as a way to improve operating performance, for example by lowering production costs and making processes are more efficient? Want to leverage this to ensure the growth, competitiveness and future viability of your company? With a number of specially developed applications, Schuler has opened the door to a simple, uncomplicated path to the digital future. These applications allow you to monitor production, process and/or status data, to access this data from a desktop computer or smart device, and to have the data presented in a plain and understandable format. This gives you the capability of identifying areas of improvement in your production process in even less time.

Choose the applications you’re interested in and keep reading to find out more.

Secure connections

The fundamental requirement for using the applications are made by getting your machine connected to the internet. This is possible by the right hardware, which can also be retrofitted onto your machine. This hardware allows the machine to communicate with the Schuler DataLoft, our core computing center for managing, processing, and visualizing machine- and process-related data. It also gives you access to your data through the mySchuler portal. In addition to data, you can also easily find documents such as operating instructions, maintenance instructions, and more using the portal. You remain the sole owner of your data. For maximum security, the data is transmitted to the Schuler DataLoft over a one-way connection, i.e., on a fully separate channel from your system's remote service connection.

Your benefits

See the advantages of Drive Analytics for yourself

  • Current and historical status data for the drive system (motor currents, motor temperatures, motor torques, converter, status bits) are available anytime that you need them.
  • Data can be accessed from any smart device.
  • Detection of abnormalities, such as those that indicate emerging motor or converter damage.
  • Comparison of die-specific status data over periods of time, production shifts, or production speeds.
  • Use of historical data (e.g., torques, speeds, operating hours) to plan converter replacements or motor overhauls.
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Production Monitor

Keep track of everything: The Production Monitor provides all of the information you need to monitor and optimize your system productivity.

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Energy Monitor

The Energy Monitor gives you transparency about the energy status of your systems and thus sustainably reduces energy costs in production.

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Press Force Monitor

Ensure consistency in your production process and minimize the amount of unplanned downtime by continuously monitoring and optimizing the press force in your machines.

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Cooling Analytics analyzes and visualizes all relevant temperature data, and profiles for the cooling circuit of your press and peripheral equipment.
Cooling Analytics

Keeping things cool: Your equipment can run as long as the cooling system is in good shape. End-to-end monitoring of the cooling circuits therefore ensures high system uptime.

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Lubrication Analytics

Plan oil changes and filter replacements when they’re actually needed. To keep everything moving smoothly.

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