Digital Twin – Put your system through the ultimate test

Commission your system virtually and save valuable time.

Time-consuming commissioning is no more

You know that feeling: The long-awaited press is finally assembled in the production hall, only to be followed by a time-consuming and annoying commissioning process? Not with Schuler! Because the Digital Twin from Schuler saves you valuable time. You can even run initial tests virtually before your machine is built. Test the software ahead of time, and customize everything to fit your individual needs. This means that you can then start up systems more quickly, shorten commissioning times, and achieve your planned production quantities sooner. All because the simulation accurately models the system’s real-life behavior.

You’ll also be able to view your virtual system through a set of VR goggles and even observe the dies during operation. The simulation is carried out on a computer, but Schuler will also be offering the Digital Twin via the cloud in the future.

This “twin” will take you constantly, at full speed!

In technical terms, the Digital Twin is a hardware-in-the-loop (HiL) simulation
In technical terms, the Digital Twin is a hardware-in-the-loop (HiL) simulation

Hardware in the loop for real-life behavior

In technical terms, the Digital Twin is a hardware-in-the-loop (HiL) simulation. The controller that is to be tested is connected to the virtual model of a Schuler system via the original fieldbus, and the model emulates the behavior of the real object in real time. The virtual system is identical to the real system and models all of the system peripherals, including the safety components. To ensure an accurate system simulation, the software creates three layers. The first layer simulates all of the peripherals on the fieldbus, including the safety components. In the middle layer, the real-life behavior of the system is emulated using logically and physically accurate models. The last layer visualizes the system and additionally allows users to view the model in a realistic environment. That’s how the Digital Twin models the real-life behavior of a system while also simplifying a number of steps throughout the entire life cycle, from commissioning to service.

Starting advantage for operating and service personnel

As part of the Schuler Academy, the Digital Twin allows you to familiarize your personnel with the system before they actually use it. For example, press operators can be trained on the control system of the Digital Twin while the real system is still being set up, without any of the risks associated with incorrect operation. But it’s also possible to train personnel during production, without any interruptions at all. The system simulation features an accurate model of real-life system behavior, as well as material flow and collision monitoring. Users can observe and learn about the behavior of the system using a 3D visualization.

Your benefits

The Digital Twin offers plenty of benefits for greater efficiency and higher quality.

Benefits and features

  • Integration of customer specific requirements at an early stage of the development process
  • Better software quality at the start of commissioning
  • Short commissioning process on site
  • Quick system start-up after operational handover
  • Advance factory acceptance test using the Digital Twin
  • Training for operating personnel and maintenance engineers on the Digital Twin before operational handover
  • Operating personnel and maintenance engineers can be trained on the Digital Twin without interrupting production


  • Our Digital Twin is individually built and configured for each specific system or group of systems.
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