DigiSim® – Top productivity from the very first stroke thanks to a digitally simulated forming process

DigiSim delivers guaranteed reliable and optimized production.

Take advantage of our press expertise and digital know-how

Use virtual simulations to replace real-life testing and setup procedures in your production process. With DigiSim, you can use a computer to easily simulate complex forming processes that previously involved extra efforts, risk, time and costs. The result is a significant boost in your productivity, and will reduce the risk of breakdowns, and will be a critical competitive advantage.

Just exactly how does DigiSim work?

DigiSim is an offline simulation software program, developed by Schuler for transfer presses and press lines. It’s used as a way to visually verify the flow of parts, reduce the risk of breakdowns, optimize process efficiency, and decrease unit costs. The software simulates the movements of the slide and transfer system, as well as all other movement sequences relevant to output and freedom of movement. This means that collisions between all elements can be detected and eliminated in a straight forward manner.

Use DigiSim to freely program forming systems offline, using set point parameters on a fully digitalized basis (press and die). The software’s field of application spans all aspects of production planning, from sequence plans, die and tooling design, and press and automation control for quality optimization. DigiSim is compatible with existing PLS systems.

Success comes pre-programmed

With DigiSim, you can safely and efficiently simulate complex dies/tooling and forming processes. You have the ability to conduct test runs anytime, anywhere, to improve the quality and efficiency of your production operations.

Here’s how it works: You’ll use DigiSim in your die design or production preparation phases. From your workstation computer, you’ll run simulations that calculate the complex inter-relationships between the job order, press, die, tooling, and material. If you’re satisfied with the results, you can send the simulation parameters to production as set point values.

These values will then be loaded into the press and checked before being used in actual production. DigiSim helps customers implement a 3-stage optimization of output, service life, and energy consumption. Time-consuming real-life tests are thus completely eliminated.

From simulation to efficient production

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In order to show videos we use the services of third-party providers. These providers can collect data about your activities. Further details can be found under “Learn more”.

Simulation tool DigiSim for easy optimization of stroke rates

Software tools from Schuler make it possible to optimize production parameters of the press, transfer and coil feed on external computer workstations – offline while the machine remains in production. Schuler software tools also provide valuable help when it comes to designing new dies and production planning. See for yourself:

Your benefits

DigiSim delivers Schuler know-how to upgrade your OEE

Benefits and features

  • Reliable OEE optimization due to optimal simulation models
  • High productivity, even with small batch sizes and frequent die changes
  • Less unscheduled downtime due to safe simulated forming processes
  • Simple interference analysis in the kinematic press model
  • Quick check of additional movement during part transportation
  • Guided user operation and profile creation for quick and reliable press setup
  • CAD-neutral simulation environment
  • Die data can be efficiently prepared, optimized, and managed offline
  • Low wear and high functionality, of dies as a result of die-design optimization starting in the design stage itself


  • When purchased with a system: no earlier than one week after operational handover
  • For retrofits: approximately 3 weeks after order placement
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Eva Boog

Head of Process & Product Management | Single Presses and Laser Solutions

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Sven Rösel

Vice President of Automotive Sales

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