Cyber Security Check - for a secure network in your production

The security audit for your networked systems

Play it safe

Is it completely secure? Are the data and systems protected? Maybe you too have asked yourself these questions sometime when you were dealing with the networking of production systems.

Security is often a big issue, in particular when it comes to digitalization and networking of industrial machines because networked systems are increasingly becoming the target of hacker attacks. It is therefore essential to perform a security audit of your systems and computers if you want to be certain that your network is protected.

The Cyber Security Check from Schuler helps you uncover weak points and minimize risks. For more security when networking your systems.

Identifying and eliminating weak points

The audit of your systems and computers is performed by a certified security expert at Schuler. He possesses all the necessary tools and knowledge to uncover weak points in the security of networked systems.

The results are documented in a report so you can eliminate the security gaps in a targeted manner and protect yourself even better against hacker attacks in future.

Allround protection

On request we will also carry out further checks, e.g. of physical security. You can then be certain at all times that you are well protected all round against cyber attacks.  Because the security of your systems and computers is of the utmost priority.

Secure - even in future

The Cyber Security Check is modularly constructed so you secure exactly that which is important to you. It is our particular wish to not only support you in the short term but also enable you to secure your PCs and networks over the long term. We therefore give you in an additional training module the required knowledge to also be able to protect yourself against cyber attacks in future.

Your benefits

These are the benefits of Cyber Security Check for you:

  • Secure systems and computers in your network
  • Comprehensive audit by a certified security expert
  • With the help of the report, you can address weak points in a targeted manner and increase your security
  • The security audit can also be performed on third party systems. This way you can be certain that all systems are protected.
  • The risk of production downtimes due to cyber attacks can be reduced
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Mark Roggenbuck

Chief Information Security Officer - Senior Lead Auditor

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phone +49 7161 66-9265 mail_outline E-Mail
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Ernst Schwoshuber

Head of Service Sales Germany

location_on Schuler-Platz 1, 73033 Göppingen, Germany
phone +49 7161 66-7390 mail_outline E-Mail
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