Simple, safe and reliable marking and tracing of components

Full Transparency

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Serialization is the process of assigning a unique identification number (ID) to every part in production. This ensures traceability throughout the supply chain, helps prevent counterfeit products, improves quality control, enables efficient inventory management, and ensures compliance with government regulations.


Turnkey Integration

Schuler offers a turnkey integration of the best models of laser marking, inkjet printing and camera recognition systems. All modules are linked by a server that manages the data handling.

  • Laser Marking: Laser markers are used as a reliable and permanent method of serializing products. They can be used for the permanent engraving of a variety of codes and markings on a wide range of materials.
  • Inkjet Printing: For gentle marking of surfaces, inkjet printers are a cost-effective and flexible method of serializing products.
  • Camera Recognition: Codes or markings are read using camera recognition systems. High reliability in reading codes, even in motion, is guaranteed by AI solutions and neural networks.
  • Database: Schuler provides a cybersecurity-compliant database for generating the codes and as an interface to the system controls, marking systems and camera recognition systems.


Any production line can be retrofitted with a Schuler serialization solution:

  • Blanking lines
  • Press lines
  • Battery cell production
  • Flat part lines
  • Wheel rollers
  • Forging lines
  • Casting machines
  • Machining centers

Your advantages

See the benefits of serialization for yourself:

  • Increase overall system efficiency
  • Improve part quality and reduce scrap
  • Identify defects quickly and accurately
  • Targeted error prevention measures
  • Complete connectivity to the customer's ERP/MES
  • Full visibility of produced goods
  • Counterfeit prevention
  • Easy spare parts procurement
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